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Korean historical movies 2017

Korean historical movies 2017


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Queen for Seven Days (Korean Drama) 2017 / Genre: Historical, Melodrama, Political, Romance / Episodes: 20

6 Historical Korean Dramas must watch in 2017

The 2012 Korean historical drama Masquerade (광해: 왕이 된 남자) will play at the Maridon Museum on May 11, the next installment in this spring's Korean ...

... two that captured my head/heart* (* scratch what doesn't sound right): Chuno and Queen Seonduk, and those two are sageuk, taeha, historical dramas.

Best Korean Historical Movies 2011-2017

Top 10 Historical Korean Movies 2017 (All The Time)

The King's Case Note (2017)

Based on the Korean folktale “Heungboo and Nolboo”, Heung-boo: The Revolutionist is a drama set in the historic times of Korea. It's about Heungboo (played ...

The Villainness (2017)

4 Historical Korean Dramas You Should Watch in 2018

A creative retelling based on missing historical documents (i.e. journal entries), Masquerade focuses on the 15th Joseon king, Gwang-hae (Lee Byung-hun).

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Baekje: The state of Baekje was actually founded by one of Jumong's sons. This kingdom, located on the southwest side of the Korean Peninsula, ...

The Admiral: Roaring Currents Official Trailer 2 (2014) - Korean Historical War Movie HD - YouTube

Dong Yi.jpg

Lee Young Ae in 2016 k-drama Saimdang, the Herstory

The Fortress (2017). A Korean historical war drama about a fortress under siege. This is not an epic war film but rather explore more into the human aspects ...

My Love From the Star

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Poster for Thief Who Stole the People.jpg. Promotional poster. Genre, Historical

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This photo provided by Megabox Plus M shows actor Lee Je-hoon as Park Yeol

The Emperor: Owner of the Mask - Korean Drama 2017 / Genre: Historical, Melodrama, Political, Romance / Episodes: 40


ruler master of the mask, ruler master of the mask drama, ruler master of

Based on the idea behind the Korean traditional study of fortune, The Princess and the Matchmaker is about a princess (played by Shim Eun Kyung) who can't ...

Ruler: Master of the Mask, Korean Drama, Historical, 2017

TOP 10 HOT Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in May 2017

List of Korean Historical Dramas of 2016

7 Best Korean History movies of 2018 – Including Ansi Fortress and Propitious Site for Grave

God of War (2017)

Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (2017) Korean Drama / Episodes: 20 / Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

12 Korean Web-Dramas That Will Get You Through A Drama Drought

THE GREAT BATTLE (2018) Official Teaser Trailer | Korean War Movie

A Taxi Driver Movie Review

Korean Revenge Movies 1: Hywai: A Monster Boy

Lost Love in Times c-drama

Park Ji-sang is a doctor specializing in hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery at Taemin Cancer Hospital, the best hospital in the country. He is also a vampire.

This photo provided by Megabox Plus M shows actor Lee Je-hoon (C) as Park Yeol in the new Korean historical film "Anarchist from Colony." (Yonhap)

Mr. Sunshine (2018 TV series).jpg

The 25 Best Heist Movies

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The 40 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

12:41 PM - 6 Mar 2017

Goguryeo: Goguryeo was the northernmost of the three kingdoms, and ultimately the largest, also occupying parts of Manchuria in China.

7 Chinese Movies You Have to See Before You Die

From Last Jedis to Baby Drivers and Wonder Women, these are the 17 best action movies we watched this year.

Top 10 Fantasy Korean Movies 2017 (All The Time)

The Mayor - 특별시민 (2017). -For the first time in Korean history, the mayor of Seoul attempts a third term in office. -Starring: Choi Min-Sik, ...

6. Twisted Daddy

... to watch the Korean historical epic, Warriors of the Dawn. I would really recommend this movie if you're a huge fan of historical dramas or movies.

The main cast of the Korean historical film

1of2A scene from the film "The Great Battle."Photo: Well Go USA Entertainment

Here's A Korean Movie Bucket List For Rom-Com Lovers

Top 10 Historical Korean Movies 2017 (All The Time)

... (Pandora) is going from leader of a small town in the middle of a nuclear disaster to leader of the persecuted villagers in an upcoming Joseon-era film.

My Only Love Song

“Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” was a huge success, enjoying immense popularity for its refreshingly sweet romance that takes place between a mischievous crown ...



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Period Dramas 2017

The King Loves MBC/2017

The Master's Sun Review

20 Best Historical Korean Dramas Of All Times.

Perhaps you've just been betrayed by a friend, rejected by a lover, or unceremoniously fired by the leader of the free world on a global stage.

South Korea · The 11 Best Korean Movies of 2017


Director Lee Won-tae (C) and the cast members of the new Korean

Jane (Korean Movie)-p01.jpg

Jo In-sung takes charge of epic film Ansi City

The 25 Best Action Movies Of The 21st Century So Far

Mafia is part of Korean history. This film tells a story of four friends who grow up together in a time of changes. Although if you don't speak Korean, ...

'25th Hour' Is Still the Best Movie About 9/11

Based on the popular Naver webtoon Along with the Gods by Joo Ho Min, the first of the Along with the Gods series (as a film) was a huge success.

Save Me Poster.jpg

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north korea under the sun

It is a vampire romance between Louis and Seo Young. Together they go on an adventure to find the Vampire Flower, tucked away deep in the land of vampires.

"A beautiful movie that combines drama, action, history, politics, and

Though the existence of Spartacus has been criticized by many scholars and the surviving historical accounts are contradictory, it has provided inspirations ...


Romantic film: Titanic

South Korea has already reached the pinnacle of the zombie genre with the horror masterpiece Train to Busan, but the new Korean Netflix original series will ...

The Handmaiden

Top 10 Historical Movies of 2017

Moon Embracing The Sun

The 100 Greatest War Movies of All Time