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Great dane colors

Great dane colors


Great Dane Colors

8 Different Great Dane Colors and Patterns

8 Different Great Dane Colors and Patterns

Official Great Dane breed colors.

The Great Dane Club Of America (GDCA) recognizes seven colors in the conformation ring.

Great Dane coat type

Blue great dane dog


Spotted Great Dane

Great Dane Colors, Color Patterns, Animals, Great Danes, Paint Samples

Harlequin. All about. Harlequin Great Danes ...

Chocolate dane harlequin

Merle great dane dog

Great Dane Colors | Taliman Mirez Bohemia — female, harlequin, born at 2011 :: GreatDane .

Black colored Great Dane

Great Dane dogs and puppies: Great Dane puppies. I love my great danes!

Fawn Great Dane

Harlequin great dane dog

merle great dane


neatly colored dane. Looks exactly like mine great dane Patouch

Blue Great Dane

harlequin great dane

Great Dane head facing left

Brindle Great Dane Basks

great danes colors - Google Search

Merle is not one of the AKC-sanctioned colors and is the result of a

A blue great dane puppy.

Great Dane Dog Boating · Just Friends

Great Dane Color

Great Dane Coat Colors - Adoptables (closed) by Anellyz ...

Great Dane puppy

Mantle Great Dane

Ellenni Danes

Danes Of A Different Color – Photos Of Recognized and Non-Recognized Great Dane Colors | Dog Reflections

Dog Great Dane / Deutsche Dogge four adults different colors standing (brindle - black -

Anonymous, Anonymous

fawn great dane

Great Dane standing in three-quarter view facing forward


9 Standard Great Dane Colors

Great Dane Colors

This is the product of just cross color breeding. He is beautiful but not what we normally see in a litter. This is not rare and is not a new color.

Color of great dane. Stock Photo - 40260767

Confusion of colors

Great Dane Colors. For a printable version of this file click here .

Great Dane head and shoulders facing forward

A brindle great dane puppy.

When all the markings have rounded, well defined edges (spots) as opposed to the required torn edges, the dog does not fall into

Black Great Dane Closeup

A fawn great dane puppy.

Great Dane

Our Harlequin Great Dane puppy Piper

... leading up to the complicated matter of coat colour, by Dr. Frances Greer. So there has been plenty of research and documentation on the subject.

Great Dane Exercise

A group of great Danes, two in standard colors (fawn and mantle) and two in non-standard colors (merle mantle and "true" blue merle aka dilute merle).

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Gus, the Great Dane who inspired this site to be created!

Fawn Great Dane Puppy

Great Dane with 2 Different Eye Colors

Great Danes What color do you like the Great Dane?

Great Dane colors. There are a couple more like fawn harlequin, brindle harlequin, mostly white, blue mantle, but to my knowledge they're rarer.

Black great dane


Adorable Great Dane Pups for Sale


Blue (dilute) merle

Great Dane. Defect of Color


GREAT DANE COLORS Brindle - The base color shall be yellow gold and always brindled with strong black cross stripes in a chevron pattern.

Brindle Great Dane

Akc Great Dane Colors

Deaf White Great Dane Puppy

In a dog the size of a great dane, correct structure becomes even more important to the dog's overall health and well-being.

Fawnequin Great Danes & Unique Dane Colors

What is a Harlequin Great Dane?

Great Dane Colors, Color Patterns, Paint Samples

Great Dane colors website

Great Dane lying in three-quarter view facing forward

Magnolia Flosculi st. Franciscus

Dog Great Dane / Deutsche Dogge two adults different colors standing (black, Harlequin)

Check out the best Great Dane breeders based on the traits recognized by the AKC.

Great Dane Colors 1477 Best Gran Danes Images On Pinterest In 2018

Great Dane Dinoanimals

fawn dane AKC stand butn.jpg (13801 bytes)

9 Standard Great Dane Colors Greatdaneguide Com