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Elizabethan era gentry clothing

Elizabethan era gentry clothing


Depiction of the Tudor 'Gentry' class. EXCERPT: 'Gentry were people such as knights, squires, gentlemen and gentlewoman who did not work with their hands ...

Upper Class


... Elizabethan Era which is ; Monarchy, Nobility, Gentry, Merchants, Yeomanry, & Labourers. A social class is determined by fame, wealth, skills & birth.

Kentwell Hall Gentry. I love her gown!

Elizabethan Clothing in England


The Nobility was a high social class in the Elizabethan time. In this class it was the wealthy and powerful class people. Not so much as a Monarchy but many ...

Nicely done Middle Class attire. Elizabethan Clothing, Elizabethan Fashion, Elizabethan Costume, Tudor

Social Classes in Elizabethan Era Nobility and Gentry

Elizabethan and Victorian

Merchants are in the fourth position from the levels of the social classes. Merchants were the main and real growth in the era. They made a good wealth by ...

Romance and reality

Social Classes in Elizabethan Era Nobility and Gentry

Lower Class Clothing

Gentry Lady - 1569 Elizabethan Costume, Elizabethan Era, Elizabethan Fashion, Renaissance Costume,

Elizabethan portraits offer snapshot of fashion for exotic pets


View Stock Photo of Re Enactment English Tudor Period Costume. Find premium, high-resolution photos at Getty Images.

Gentry, a class made up of knights, gentlemen, gentlewoman, and these people did not work with their hands. They main thing that you really needed to do to ...

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Gentry, this class is for knights, gentlemen, gentlewomen, squires of the kingdom. These major key to becoming a Gentry is wealth.

Elizabethan Society

The era called the Elizabethan England was a time of many changes and developments and was also considered as the Golden Age in English history.

Many families became richer with the growth of the British Colonies.

Elizabethan era

The Nobility were expected to work for those that were higher in the chain of command which led to more debt than anything. Clothing in Elizabethan Era

Queen Elizabeth in attifet and ruff



Writers and actors. The writers of the Elizabethan era ...

Gentry Clothing for Elizabethan Era Social Classes


Queen Elizabeth I wearing a wheeled farthingal

Levels of Social Classes in the Elizabethan Era

Elizabethan era had its own rules regarding the social structure prevalent in their society, and, people were bound to follow those rules.

The clothing of Elizabethan peasants differed radically from that of their betters, not only in content and fashion, but also in color.

Landed Gentry Man Country clothing

A Sampling of Renaissance Faire Costumes

The Nobility, Gentry and the Court

The Poor. They had little money and lived in poverty and sickness during queen Elizabeth's time they were not cared for by the churches.

Elizabethan Era

Elizabethan Government

Sieve Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, c. 1583

Elizabethan Tudor Ruff c.1600

Elizabethan ...

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Lady ...

Lastly they were the Laborers. They were considered as servants, peasants gained nothing at all. They had a very hard life with no gain of interest.


This class was a very peculiar and important part of Elizabethan Society. Only about 5% of the population qualified to be a gentry: knights, squires, ...

Elizabeth was reputed to have owned over 3,000 dresses by

Portrait of William Shakespeare.

Woolen clothing was in fact quite popular among the working as well as domestic classes since it was rather cheap and the wool trade saw a increase during ...

Clothing from the Elizabethan Era


Tudor dining: a guide to food and status in the 16th century

Dairy products were eaten by the poor.

Food in Elizabethan England

Gentry Lady in Blue and White

People ...

Elizabethan Era Clothing and Fashion

The Elizabethan ...

Henry Wriothesley ...

Both Bess and her father were renowned for their ostentation in dress. Who hasn't seen the portrait of King Henry where he stands, wide enough to bridge a ...

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After remarrying Jane Seymour, who finally gave him a male heir – the future Edward VI – the capricious king took little interest in a child whose birth had ...

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Ten Facts on the Elizabethan Times

Elizabethan period

Elizabethan era

Upper Class Clothing www.elizabethanenglandlife.com

Elizabethan Food

The Ermine Portrait by Nicholas Hilliard (1585)

1580_JennetParkinsonHesketh Artist: attrib GeorgeGower Sothebys Local landed gentry. Husband lawyer. Yorkshire

An unknown girl.

An Inn House

Photograph of the Elizabethan-style façade of Burghley House.

Group C

The Rich

Mrs. Thomas Newton Jr.

Elizabethan Era Clothing Laws

William Vaux, 3rd Baron Vaux of Harrowden, was tried in the Star Chamber in

... Elizabethan Era Hairstyles and Fashion 1280 Best Tudor Era Fashions Tudor Era Clothing Images On Pinterest ...

The social structure in Elizabethan England

Portrait de Elizabeth Roydon, Lady Golding, 1563 Hans Eworth

... this people were known as the middle class during this time period, they were known have more money than the nobles. These people were called Gentry, ...